Silver Linings Originals

2008 Wee Ones in the Woods
Wee Fawn
Wee Raccoon
Wee Bear Cub
Wee Wolf Pup
Wee Fox

Wee Skunks
Wee Chipmunk
Wee Squirrel
Wee Owlets

*Purchase your choice background batiks for all blocks and quilt.
Fabric Kits include only motif fabric.

2008 Wee Ones in the Woods
All 9 E-patterns - $49.00
All 9 Printed Patterns - $65.00
All 9 Fabric Kits (without pattern) - $72.00
($8.00 each)
Complete Package - All 9 Fabric and Printed Patterns (includes only fabric for blocks) - $135.